About us


Mission and values

To help organisations get value from IT related projects and programmes.


  • applying relevant knowledge and experience to a client problem and helping develop self-sufficiency
  • being honest, trustworthy and professional in all business transactions
  • remaining independent and impartial



Company profile

Peter Caine – Project Consulting Ltd (pc-pcl) is a small consulting services business able to offer flexibility and value. Our key strength is the breadth and depth of products available to address all aspects of project work. The company is based on thirty years’ practical experience of project consulting, project governance, managing projects and line management. These assignments were mainly based around information technology but also included elements of engineering and construction and were successfully performed across a wide range of industries and for varying sizes of organisation.


As a small business pc-pcl:

  • can be very responsive to client needs and is able to get the work started quickly
  • is independent and not aligned to a particular IT vendor or management consultancy
  • is self-contained and does not need to rely on others to provide elements of the solution




Pc-pcl is very conscious of the demands placed on the environment and strives to conduct its business in an environment-friendly manner.

In this respect we will:

  • minimise our use of paper and other office consumables
  • recycle waste paper and where practical use recycled paper
  • reuse or recycle all other office waste as far as possible
  • encourage open discussions on the issues affecting us by talking, listening and responding to our clients, associates, partner organisations, suppliers and staff
  • make every effort to reduce both direct and indirect carbon emissions from the energy we use in buildings and transport by: minimising travel (and where travel is necessary aim to use the most energy efficient method) and employing energy saving technology and techniques within the workplace



Registration information

Peter Caine – Project Consulting Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales with number 07106630
Registered office: 1st Floor, 3 Charles Court, Budbrooke Road, Warwick, CV34 5LZ
VAT registration number: 984 8671 52



Enabling IT projects and programmes