Services we offer

The services offered range from short pieces of consulting of just a few days’ duration through to full-time longer-term project or line management roles lasting several months.

Some of the services are for a fixed-fee - e.g. a project definition workshop or a project health check - and others are on a time and materials basis. SS01 Services Summary Flyer.

They are grouped under three main headings:

1. Project management.

2. Line management (interim manager).

3. Strategic outsourcing.

Project management

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Project Definition Workshop

Running a definition workshop to start a project.

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Selection and Implementation of a Project Method

Identifying the right project management method to use and implementing it across the project.

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Project and Programme Management Office

Setting-up and/or running a project office or a programme management office.

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Governance of Projects and Programmes

Filling a role on the steering board to ensure proper management reporting and control.

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Project Health Check

Reviewing project performance, management processes, team and organisational fit to confirm the project will deliver the expected benefits.

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Recovery of Rogue Projects

Advising on or performing the turnaround of a project in trouble.

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Project and Programme Delivery

Performing a project or programme role at some point in the life-cycle.

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Project Audit

Analysing project cost, scope and schedule and verifying the project will provide the originally planned outcome.

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Lessons-Learned Review

Running a lessons-learned review, identifying learning points and recommending improvement actions.

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Project Completion and Closure

Bringing a project to a controlled completion in the most cost-effective way.

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Line management

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Interim Manager Role

Filling an existing organisational role during absence of a senior manager, pending a new appointment, during a re-organisation, or during illness.

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Strategic outsourcing

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Prepare to Outsource

Advising an organisation considering outsourcing its IT services.

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Managing the Third-party Outsource Provider

Providing support to an organisation to help it get the best out of its IT outsourcing contract.

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How does a project get in trouble and miss its end date? One day at a time

-The Mythical Man-Month, Frederick Brooks, 1975/1995